WaterWorld 4kW electric drive motor
WaterWorld touchscreen comes standard with all electric drive packages
WaterWorld seamlessly integrates with Raymarine displays
WW 4kW Electric Drive System
WW 4kW Electric Drive System

WW 4kW Electric Drive System


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Battery Pack

WaterWorld Electronics 4kW electric propulsion system with color display, throttle, switch, relay, and cables. 

Perfect inboard motor for boats up to 19ft or 3 tons. 

 Power  4kW 
Nominal Voltage 48V
Nominal Rotation Speed 1450 rpm
Max Rotation Speed 1500 rpm
Cooling Air Cooled
Weight 85.9 lbs
Dimensions 21.9" x 8.9" x 8.6"
Standard Warranty 3 Years

 * This product requires professional installation

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WaterWorld Electric Drive Systems require professional installation by Proton Boatworks. We are unable to ship you a complete system for DIY installation. Once the order is placed, we will schedule the installation.

Territory Includes: WI, IL, MN, MI

If you are outside our territory, please still reach out! We can assist you with drive system selection and find a dealer in your area to install. If no dealers are near by, we can arrange travel to come and install. *Additional travel costs apply.

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Quiet and Clean

Electric Drive System

WaterWorld's electric drive system is an inboard solution for sailboats and low speed vessels.

drive system

WaterWorld's electric drives are designed to provide quiet reliable electric propulsion. These motors provide a drop in solution for repowering your sailboat.

Touch screen

Beautifully designed digital display allows you to view all the neccessary information quickly regarding your electric drive system. This information can also be connected to your Raymarine MFD & your Ipad via WaterWorld's IOS App.


WaterWorld's unique and ergonomically designed throttle allows you to experience the electric drive to the fullest.

WaterWorld Lithium Batteries

State of the art

lithium battery packs

WaterWorld has developed their own lithium battery pack line to ensure the whole system operates smooth and reliable. *not included with drive system

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